Performance testing

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Performance Testing or Stress testing is sending through a heavy load of normal traffic (either high volume or large size payload). There is no prohibition against this type of testing in Edge Public Cloud. This traffic will be counted against any API call budget or limits the customer may have in their agreement.

In order to best support the customer, Apigee appreciates being notified prior to these tests. To notify Apigee Edge operations of your planned performance testing, open a Support ticket at least 14 days before the start of testing and provide the following information:

  1. Test Plan
    1. What will be tested (Destination URLs and IP addresses)?
    2. What is the Source (IP addresses) of the test traffic?
    3. Duration of the test window (start & Stop date/time/Timezone).
  2. Tester Info
    1. Who will be doing the testing?
    2. Contact details for the tester.
  3. Test Limits
    1. Is there an upper limit to the testing? A max TPS?
    2. Is there a max payload size for the test?

We do not have a team dedicated to monitoring customer environments during load testing activities. Feel free to conduct your testing and raise cases with the appropriate priority should you face any issues.

  • P1 - for production impacting issues severely affecting live API traffic
  • P2 - for issues that have significant user impact, but the production API traffic is unaffected
  • P3 - for non-critical issues