Create an Apigee Edge account

You need an account to use Apigee Edge. You can create your own or an administrator can create one for you.

For an overview of Apigee Edge, see What is Apigee Edge?

Create your own Apigee Edge account

Edge provides different levels of accounts, including a free evaluation. This section describes how to create a free evaluation account.

When you create an Edge account, an organization will be provisioned for you. An organization is a container for your API proxies and the environments you deploy them to (such as, "test" and "prod").

The organization name will be auto-generated based on your email address (minus the @domain) and end in -eval. If required, a 5-digit random number will be added to the organization name to ensure that it is unique. For example, if your email address is, the organization name for the evaluation account might be auto-generated as joe-eval or joe-12345-eval.

To make calls to API proxies in your new Edge organization, you and your team of developers use a URL that includes your organization name and an environment name. For example: http://<your_org_name>-<environment>

You'll also use your organization name in the URL for any calls you make to the Edge management API, as described below in the What's next section.

To create a free evaluation account and log in:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the required information.
  3. Click Create account (or Sign Up).
  4. A user account confirmation is sent to your email account. In the email you receive, click the account verification link to verify your email address.
    After you click the email link, a browser tab is opened to the login page (
  5. Log in with the email and password that you used to sign up.
    Your account is activated by Apigee and you are logged in to the Apigee Edge management UI.

    Note: In some cases, it may take a few minutes for activation to complete and you will see the following progress dialog. You may wish to review the tutorials, videos, or forums, while you wait.

    After your account is activated, the following message displays:

    Click Get Started to access the Edge Management UI.

Congratulations! You have a new Edge account and organization. The email used to set up the account is automatically added to the Organization Administrator role. That means you can do just about everything in your organization.

What's next?

Now that you have a new Edge organization, you can get started building API proxies and infrastructure. You can also start using the Edge management API to manage your organization's API proxies and resources.

And now that you're a registered Edge user, you can be added as an administrator to other organizations, where you can create API proxies and manage the API environment according to the role you're assigned. You can also add other Edge users as administrators to your organization. See Managing organization users for more information.


A great way to get familiar with Edge is to run through some tutorials. Why not start with the Get Started with Apigee Edge tutorial?

API proxy development and concepts

For an intro to API proxies and related Edge artifacts, see Video concepts. For a deeper dive into the anatomy of API proxies and proxy development, see the topics starting with Understanding APIs and API proxies.

For a longer, more comprehensive read, check out What is Apigee Edge?

Your organization and credentials in the management API

Using the Edge management API is a slightly advanced topic, but we mention it here because it involves the organization name credentials you've created. Your Edge email and password let you make calls to the Edge management API (since you're automatically an Organization Administrator with permissions to do just about anything).

For example, say you want to get a list of all your API proxies. You can make that management API call in a number of ways, such as in Postman, with SmartDocs, with cURL, and so on. Here's a cURL example:

$ curl{org_name}/apis -u email:password

On each call, you must specify your organization name and include your Apigee email and password (currently with basic auth). The call above shows how your credentials are passed using cURL. With other API clients, enter your credentials in the appropriate place for basic auth.

Finding your organization name

After you create an organization, you can find its name in a few places:

In the URL of the Edge management UI

In the user profile drop-down

Create an Apigee Edge account as an organization administrator

An organization administrator can add a new user account on Apigee Edge. The new user is automatically added to the administrator's organization. For more information, see Managing organization users.

Delete an Evaluation account

See Delete an Apigee Edge Evaluation account.