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If you're an Organization Administrator, you can receive daily analytics emails that show the following types of statistics for the previous day:

  • API and app traffic compared to the prior week average.
  • API and app traffic counts.
  • API and app response times.
  • API and app error counts.
  • API average data exchange size.
  • Adoption shows the running total of developer signups since the start of your API program.

Restrictions and conditions

You should be aware of the following restrictions and conditions on the use of daily analytics reports:

  • Reports may not be available in all Edge plans. To see which pricing plan includes this feature, see pricing.
  • Reports are currently available only for Edge for Public Cloud and only for environments named "prod" or "production". This feature is not available for Edge for Private Cloud.
  • Reports are not available for SAML-enabled organizations in Edge for Public Cloud.
  • To subscribe or unsubscribe to daily analytics emails you must use the API, as described below.

Use the API to subscribe or unsubscribe

You can subscribe or unsubscribe to daily summary reports using these API calls:

Subscribe to receiving a daily summary report:

curl /
-u orgAdminEmail:password

Unsubscribe to a daily summary report:

curl /
-u orgAdminEmail:password

Retrieve list of users who have subscribed or unsubscribed:

curl /
-u orgAdminEmail:password