Analyze API use

Apigee Edge Analytics collects and analyzes information flowing through APIs. Use it to understand your APIs' traffic.

Analytics overview

Get introduced to Edge analytics, which you can use to refine your APIs according to usage data.

Analytics dashboards

Use this jumping-off point to get to learn about the Edge dashboards for monitoring your API's health.

Using the Analytics dashboards

Learn about dashboard common features, dashboard layout, and tricks and tips.

Create custom reports

Learn to create reports that provide a view customized for what you want to see.

Export/import report definitions

Export and import custom reports between Edge environments.

Daily analytics API

Learn about the daily analytics email you can receive as an organization admin.

Use the analytics API

See examples of how to use the analytics APIs.

Analyze API message content

Use policies to extract statistical request data and feed it to the analytics system.

Troubleshooting with analytics

Use analytics data to troubleshoot API issues.