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Edge Microgateway

What's new in the latest version?

You will find release notes for Edge Microgateway releases in Apigee Release Notes.

Installing Edge Microgateway

Go to the installation page.

Docs for previous versions of Edge Microgateway

Previous versions of Edge Microgateway documentation are maintained on the doc site. Refer to the doc TOC under Microgateway.

Get started

These topics help get you started with Edge Microgateway.


Learn about Edge Microgateway features and use cases.


Learn how to install and uninstall Edge Microgateway.

Setup and configure

Learn how to set up and run an instance of Edge Microgateway step by step.


Complete reference information for Edge Microgateway.


Learn how to configure and control Edge Microgateway.


Complete reference for the Edge Microgateway command-line interface.


Extend Edge Microgateway features with plugins.

Use plugins

Learn about how to to use existing plugins.

Develop custom plugins

Learn how to build your own Microgateway plugins.