Configure Qpid Broker-J

This document discusses how to set and override configurations for the apigee-qpidd component of Edge for Private Cloud. For this and later versions of Edge for Private Cloud, the Qpid component includes the Java-based broker (Broker-J). For details on Broker-J, see Apache Qpid Broker-J.

About the Qpid management console

You can configure and manage Qpid Broker-J through the Qpid Web Management Console. We discuss using the console to monitor Qpid queues and messages in Monitoring Apache Qpid Broker-J.

In the following sections, we explain how to manage Qpid management console configurations by editing property files (also called code with configuration or CwC).

Configure Qpid management console credentials during installation

To configure Qpid management console credentials during the installation process:

  1. Open the Edge configuration file for your installation topology. See Edge Configuration File.
  2. Set username and password credential variables:
    # silent.conf
  3. Run the setup script:
    /opt/apigee/apigee-setup/bin/ -p qs -f configFile

Modify Qpid management console credentials

To modify Qpid management console credentials after installation:

  1. Create a temporary file and set the following variables in it. (Or, you can use your original config file if you wish.)
    # silent.conf
  2. Run this command:
    apigee-service apigee-qpidd set_management_credentials -f CONFIG_FILE
  3. Restart the Qpid broker:
    apigee-service apigee-qpidd restart
  4. Repeat these steps on each Qpid node, one at a time.

Override default Qpid broker configurations

  1. Create or edit the following file
  2. Add, remove, or modify the configuration as necessary. The following example modifies the management credentials and default portal port number:
    # Example for modifying management credentials and port.
    # Example for setting the management portal port. Default is 8090.
  3. Save the changes and ensure the file is owned and readable by the apigee user:
    chown apigee:apigee APIGEE_ROOT/customer/application/
  4. Restart the qpidd process:
    apigee-service apigee-qpidd restart