Remove a server (Management Server/Message Processor/Router)

This section describes how to remove the following components from a Private Cloud installation:

  • Management Server
  • Message Processor
  • Router

For information on how to remove a Qpid server, see Remove a Qpid server.

To remove a Message Processor, Management Server, or Router:

  1. (Message Processor only) Deregister the Message Processor from the organization's environments:
    curl -u adminEmail:pWord
      -X POST http://management_IP:8080/v1/o/orgName/e/envName/servers
      -d "uuid=uuid&region=regionName&pod=podName&action=remove"
  2. Deregister the server's type:
    curl -u adminEmail:pWord
      -X POST http://management_IP:8080/v1/servers
      -d "type=[message-processor|router|management-server]&region=regionName&pod=podName&uuid=uuid&action=remove"
  3. Delete the server:
    curl -u adminEmail:pWord -X DELETE http://management_IP:8080/v1/servers/uuid
  4. (Message Processor only) After deregistering a Message Processor, restart the routers:
    /opt/apigee/apigee-service/bin/apigee-service edge-router restart