Set up notifications based on combined transaction totals for a company and its developers

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Typically, transaction totals are tracked for all developers in a company automatically when the developers use the company app to access APIs.

What if you have developers that are actively using their own developer apps to access APIs, and you need to track their combined transaction totals without any disruption in traffic? You can add the developers to a company and set up notifications to be sent that are based on combined transaction totals for the company and its developers. You must enable this feature per company; it's disabled by default. Once enabled, combined transaction totals are calculated hourly.

If notifications are configured, they are sent when the combined transaction total thresholds are reached. A separate notification is triggered for each developer in the company that has accepted the adjustable notification rate plan.

To include the combined transaction totals in reports, you must manually include the company and all relevant developers in the report criteria. For more information, see Create reports.

To combine rate plan transaction totals or a company and its developers:

  1. Create an adjustable notification rate plan, as described in Specify adjustable notification plan details.
  2. Set up notifications using webhooks, as described in Set up notifications using webhooks.
  3. Use the Get Company Details API to get all the existing attributes currently set on the company. You'll need these in the next step.
  4. To enable this feature, add the MINT_NOTIFICATION_COMBINE_COMPANY_DEVELOPERS custom attribute to true the company using the Update Company API. Be sure to also include your other existing company attributes in the API call.

    For example, to enable this feature for xyz-company:

    $ curl -H "Content-Type:application/json" -X PUT -d \
        "name": "xyz-company",
        "attributes": [
                "value": "true"
          ... also include other existing company attributes to avoid losing them
    ""  \
    -u email:password
  5. The company and its developers accept the adjustable notification rate plan.

    Note: It is recommended to minimize confusion that the company and developers set the same start date so that the transaction data is tracked over a consistent time interval.

    Please note:

    • If the company does not accept the rate plan, the combination of rate plan transaction totals for the company and its developers will not occur.
    • If a developer does not accept the rate plan, calls made by that developer to the monetized products will be blocked.