Set up notifications

Monetization supports event notifications that enable you to:

  • Notify all developers about events such as new products, new versions of T&C's, or new rate plans.
  • Notify specific developers about events such as a billing document being published or when a percentage of their target number of transactions is reached (if they purchased an adjustable notification rate plan).
  • Notify an API provider about developer-related events, such as when a developer registers for an account or when a developer signs up for a rate plan.

Monetization provides the following methods for setting up notifications.

Method Description
Notification templates Monetization provides a set of notification templates that define sample text for various types of notifications. You customize the notification templates and configure the conditions that trigger the notifications to be sent. See Set up notifications using notification templates.
Webhooks A webhook defines an HTTP callback handler that is triggered by an event. You can create webhooks and configure them to handle event notifications. See Set up notifications using webhooks.

The following sections provide additional details for setting up and testing notifications: