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Note: Most user interface tasks can be performed in Edge Classic or the New Edge experience. For an overview, getting started topics, and release notes specific to the New Edge experience, see the docs.

Read-only system administrator role

Edge on-premises installation only. In a Cloud-based installation of Edge, Apigee functions in the role of read-only system administrator. You can only assign global users to the read-only system administrator role in an Edge for the Private Cloud installation.

An Edge read-only system administrator has access to the same entities as an system administrator but access is read-only. A read-only system administrator can:

  • Perform the operations of the Read-only organization administrator role for all organizations
  • View global user details
  • View organization, environment, and virtual host configurations
  • Make read-only calls to all Edge system administrative APIs

While it is not required, you can assign a read-only system administrator to an organization, typically as a read-only organization administrator. Unless assigned to an organization, the read-only system administrator cannot log in to the Edge management UI.


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