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Configure the number of decimal places for rate plan rates

You can configure the number of decimal places that can be specified for rate plan rates for an organization, including rates for flat fees, volume bands, and bundles. By default, up to four decimal places are allowed. 

The MINT.RATE_DECIMAL_PLACES is currently honored by the API only. The maximum number of decimal places that you can specify when creating rate plans using the UI will be 4, regardless of the MINT.RATE_DECIMAL_PLACES property value.

To configure the number of decimal places, add the MINT.RATE_DECIMAL_PLACES property to an organization using the API. For example, to configure rate plan rates can be be specified up to five decimal places:

$ curl -H "Content-Type:application/json" -X POST -d \
     "properties": {
         "property": [ {
            "name" : "MINT.RATE_DECIMAL_PLACES",
            "value" : "5"
        } ]

}' \
"{org_name}" \
-u email:password

For more information about updating organization properties using the API, see Update organization properties.


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