Configure monetization server properties

You can configure the monetization servers using the following API:

Property Change API Details

Notes about the request that you send:

  • Body: None. The property name and value are query string parameters. Do not set a value for the body of the request.
  • HTTP method: POST
  • Authentication: You can use OAuth2 or pass the username and password in the request.
  • You must URL encode your property value before sending the request.
Response The response is returned in plain text.

When you call the property change API, the change applies to the server you called only. It does not apply to other servers in the pod. You must call this API on all servers on which you want to change the property.

Server configuration properties

The following table describes the monetization server properties that you can set:

Property Description

Monetization rating servers log all invalid Transaction Status Code (TSC) messages in Postgres. TSCs include any invalid transaction, whether it's from the client's back-end or a result of another criteria not being met in Apigee Edge for Private Cloud.

The number and frequency of TSC messages can be large, which means that they can cause your queries to take extra time to process.

The mint.invalidTscStorage.setting property determines whether Apigee Edge for Private Cloud stores invalid TSC transactions.

Valid values are:

  • saveToDatabase: Instructs Apigee Edge for Private Cloud to save all invalid TSC transactions to the Postgres database. This is the default.
  • discard: Instructs Apigee Edge for Private Cloud to not save invalid TSC transactions to the Postgres database. Instead, they are discarded.

The default value is saveToDatabase.

To change this mint.invalidTscStorage.setting property for all your rating servers, you must send a similar API request to each server.

Set server property example

The following example sets the mint.invalidTscStorage.setting property:

curl -u admin:admin123 -X PUT