Step 3: Build the signature request

After you create a signature configuration file for your local private key, you can convert this configuration into a signature request file.

To create a signature request file, execute the following command:

openssl req \
  -new \
  -nodes \
  -days NUMBER_OF_DAYS \


  • LOCAL_PRIVATE_KEY is the path to the node's local private key that you created in Step 1: Create the local private key.
  • SIGNATURE_CONFIG_FILE is the path to the node's file that you created in Step 2: Create the local signature config file.
  • NUMBER_OF_DAYS is the number of days for which the certificate is good. The default is 30.
  • SIG_REQUEST_FILE is the output location for the signature request file that this command creates.

This command creates a *.csr file with the name you specified.

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