Enable monetization for an organization

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The following sections describe how to enable monetization for an organization. The method you use to enable monetization for an organization depends on whether you are an Edge Cloud or Edge for Private Cloud customer.

Apigee Edge Cloud

For Apigee Edge Cloud customers, Apigee will assist you in enabling monetization for your organization. Contact Apigee Edge Support for assistance.

Apigee Edge Private Cloud

Note: Ensure that your Edge account has system administrator privileges before proceeding.

To enable monetization for an organization, issue a POST request to /asyncjobs/enablemonetization.

You must pass the following information in the request body.

Property Description
adminEmail Default email for monetization notification settings.
mxGroup Group used for Apache Qpid and rating servers. The group that you choose depends on capacity requirements, region, and type of organization. For private cloud, set this value to mxgroup001.
notifyTo Email to notify when monetization has been enabled successfully.
orgName Name of the organization.
pgHostName Host name for the Postgres database.
pgPassword The password for your Postgres monetization user account.
pgPort Port for the Postgres database.
pgUserName The account name for your Postgres monetization user.

For example, the following request enables monetization for the myOrg organization, where ms_IP is the IP address of the Management Server node and port is the configured port (such as 8443):

$ curl -H "Content-Type:application/json" -X POST -d \
   "orgName" : "myOrg",
   "mxGroup" : "mxgroup001",
   "pgHostName" : "pg_hostname",
   "pgPort" : "5432",
   "pgUserName" : "pg_username",
   "pgPassword" : "pg_password",
   "adminEmail" : "myemail@company.com",
   "notifyTo" : "myemail@company.com"
}' \
"https://ms_IP:port/v1/mint/asyncjobs/enablemonetization" \
-u email:password

The following provides an example of the response:

  "id": "c6eaa22d-27bd-46cc-be6f-4f77270818cf",
  "log": "",
  "orgId": "myOrg",
  "status": "RUNNING",
  "type": "ENABLE_MINT"

After the request is complete, an email is sent to the email configured for the notifyTo property in the request, and the status field will change to one of the following values: COMPLETED, FAILED, or CANCELLED.

You can check the status of the request by issuing a GET to /asyncjobs/{id}.

For example:

$ curl -X GET "https://ms_IP:port/v1/mint/asyncjobs/c6eaa22d-27bd-46cc-be6f-4f77270818cf" \
-u email:password

  "id": "c6eaa22d-27bd-46cc-be6f-4f77270818cf",
  "log": "",
  "orgId": "myOrg",
  "status": "COMPLETED",
  "type": "ENABLE_MINT"