Reference overview

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The following table lists the Apigee Edge reference materials in this section:

Reference Description
Edge API Perform administrative tasks in your Apigee organization using the RESTful APIs. See also Differences between Edge for Public Cloud API and Private Cloud API.
Policies Add logic to API proxies using policies.
Policy errors Handle errors when a policy is executing.
API proxy configuration reference Add XML elements to configure API proxies, such as proxy and target endpoints, flows, and so on.
Shared flow bundle configuration Configure shared flow bundles.
Conditions Implement dynamic behavior in API proxies using conditions.
Variables Manage variables during the execution of an API proxy.
JavaScript object model Interact with API proxies using JavaScript.
Analytics commands Retrieve analytics data using analytics commands.
Analytics dimensions & metrics Configure dimensions and metrics when working with API analytics data.
Glossary Review the terms you'll find in the Apigee Edge documentation.
Extensions Integrate external resources using extensions.