Publishing rate plans

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After you create a rate plan, you can publish it for viewing by developers or save it as a draft. If you publish the rate plan, all developers (if this is a standard rate plan), developers in the applicable category (if this is a developer category rate plan) or a specific developer (if this is a developer rate plan) will see the rate plan in the catalog in the developer portal. This also saves a copy of the rate plan in the package catalog.

Alternatively, you can save a draft of the rate plan without publishing it. This allows you to edit the plan as needed and publish it later. You can also expire a published rate plan.

After you publish a rate plan, you can perform one or more of the following tasks:

Publishing a rate plan

Publish a rate plan:

Publishing a rate plan using the API

To publish a rate plan, set the published property value to true when you create the rate plan. Developers will be able to view the rate plan starting on the date specified in the startDate property for the plan.

For example, the following creates a rate card plan and publishes it (only part of the request is shown):

$ curl -H "Content-Type:application/json" -X POST -d \
     "name": "Flat rate card plan",
     "advance": "false",
     "published": "true",
     "ratePlanDetails": [
     "type": "RATECARD"
}' \
"{org_name}/monetization-packages/location/rate-plans" \
-u email:password