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Welcome to the home page for TLS on Apigee Edge. This landing page provides links to documentation, samples, and other resources related to using TLS on Apigee Edge.

Getting Started with TLS


Get a basic overview of TLS and TLS terminology.

Using TLS with Edge

Get an overview of where Edge uses TLS in both the cloud and on-premises (Apigee Edge for Private Cloud).

Configuring TLS on Edge

Using TLS in a cloud-based Edge installation

Learn about configuring TLS with Edge in the cloud.

Using TLS in a Private Cloud installation

Learn about configuring TLS with Edge for Private Cloud.

Keystores and Truststores

Learn how to create and configure keystores and truststores.

Configuring TLS access to an API for the Private Cloud

Learn how to create a virtual host using HTTP or HTTPS in Edge for Private Cloud.

Configuring TLS from Edge to the backend (Cloud and Private Cloud)

Learn how to configure a TLS connection
from Edge to a backend server.

Using TLS on the portal

Learn how to configure TLS for the Developer Services Portal.

Additional TLS resources

About virtual hosts (Beta)

Get more information about using virtual
hosts on Edge.

Edge for Private Cloud Operations Guide

Edge for Private Cloud customers should refer to the Operations Guide for information on configuring TLS for some areas of Edge, which is available from your private FTP account or on the Apigee Support Portal under Libraries (Edge for Private Cloud version 4.16.01 and earlier) and online at Configuring TLS/SSL for Edge On Premises (version 4.16.05 and later).