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Learn the basics of API proxies.

Create your first API proxy

Build an API proxy with a Hello World-style tutorial.

Add policies to your API

Add functionality with the logic pieces of API proxies -- policies.

Proxy a SOAP service

Build a proxy that puts a RESTful API between client apps and SOAP web services.

Create a proxy from an OpenAPI spec

Learn how to import an OpenAPI specification to generate API proxies.

Add security features

Build on the basics with an essential aspect of APIs.

Secure an API with API keys

Build a proxy with the most basic component of API security -- the API key.

Secure an API with OAuth

Secure an API proxy with OAuth, in which user credentials are traded for a unique token.

Explore features with Apigee samples

Through the "Learn Edge" samples, you learn by incrementally adding and deploying features.

Learn Edge

Get to the jumping-off point for samples-based deployment tutorials.

Learn Edge sample repo

Go straight to the "Learn Edge" code and get started.

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