Build your first integrated portal

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The sample portal, included when you create a new portal, consists of a set of starter pages with demo content to help inspire your own portal development.

Step through this tutorial to discover how simple it is to create and customize a portal and showcase your APIs. As you follow the instructions, you'll change the look and feel, images, and text in the sample portal pages, and publish an API. Simply open the live portal in a browser to view your changes!

The sample portal theme uses material design theming and Sassy Cascading Style Sheets (SCSS) . For more information, see About the sample portal.

Step through the tips provided in the following sections to quickly create and customize a portal.

  1. Create a portal
  2. Customize the color palette
  3. Customize the logo
  4. Edit page content
  5. Set up navigation
  6. Publish an API

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