Advisory messages reference

In the Edge Classic management UI, click the bell icon in the UI toolbar to open Apigee Advisory. Advisory displays timely and informative messages that apply to all customers or to your specific organization.

Advisory will inform you about things such as new releases, product availability, security issues that may impact your APIs, errors you need to address, deprecation notices, and potential impacts that upcoming product updates may have on your APIs, giving you the opportunity to take action before a release occurs.

Clicking an Advisory message takes you to a page that contains more information. Advisory is refreshed every 60 minutes and displays messages delivered within the past 48 hours.

Currently only users in the Organization Administrator role will see advisories.

Different advisories link to different places. For example, an advisory about a new release links to the release notes. Other advisories, such as errors you may need to address, might link to a section in one of the pages listed below. These pages are designed solely to provide information and guidance on specific advisories.