Deployment error advisories

Following are deployment error messages you might see in Advisory. When you click the Advisory message, you're taken to the relevant section for more information.

Malformed target URL

In the API proxy <TargetEndpoint>, the URL to the target service contains an invalid protocol. Supported protocols are:

  • http
  • https
  • ws
  • wss

Invalid script target

The Service Callout policy is not allowed to call scripts, such as Node.js scripts. For example, the following Service Callout policy configuration is not allowed:



Only HTTPTargetConnection or LocalTargetConnection for proxy chaining are allowed. For example:





To achieve a similar result, use proxy chaining to call another proxy that contains the script you want to execute (such as Node.js proxy). Call the script proxy either from the Service Callout or from the TargetEndpoint using LocalTargetConnection.

For a reference on HTTPTargetConnection and LocalTargetConnection, see the API proxy configuration reference.

Invalid FaultRule step

In FaultRules (in the ProxyEndpoint or TargetEndpoint), you define one or more policies that will execute when the API proxy throws an error. The name of an existing policy goes in the <Step>/<Name> element of a FaultRule. If the policy you indicate doesn't exist, you'll see this error. Be sure to use the policy "name," not the display name. Double-check your spelling and case.

    <FaultRule name="InvalidApiKey">
        <Name>InvalidApiKeyMessage</Name> <!-- Invalid if the policy doesn't exist. -->
      <Condition>( Matches "InvalidApiKey")</Condition>

Invalid message log host

When using the Message Logging policy to send log messages to a third-party log management service, you use the <Syslog> element and provide the <Host> name or IP address of the server where the syslog should be sent. You'll get this error if the IP address or host name doesn't resolve, or if you specify a scope ID on a global IPv6 address.

Invalid KVM entry

When you use the Key Value Map Operations policy policy to populate a key value map (KVM) with the <InitialEntries> element, you provide the key name for each <Entry>. You'll see this error if the key name for an entry is invalid.

Invalid name: Only 1 character long, leading or trailing space, forward slash, backward slash.

Valid name: Minimum 2 characters long, letters, numbers, special characters, space between characters.

Invalid Access Control IP

In the Access Control policy, when you enter the <SourceAddress> for the IPs you want to check with your API proxy, Edge checks the structure of the IP address. This error means the format of your source IP address is invalid.

Invalid Skip condition in Response Cache

In a Response Cache policy, you can use the <SkipCacheLookup> and <SkipCachePopulation> elements to specify conditions under which response cache lookup or population is skipped. You'll see this error if a "skip" condition in a Response Cache policy is invalid.

For information on valid conditions, see Pattern matching with conditionals.