About Core Persistence Services (CPS)

Like many of our customers, Apigee has embraced a microservices-based architecture, and this has improved the reliability and scalability of our products, as well as the way we develop and deliver them. As part of that effort, we have rolled out our next generation Core Persistence Services (CPS) in Edge for the Cloud, and customers now can use these new management APIs.

CPS is the Apigee persistence service that stores entities such as key-value pairs, cache data, OAuth tokens, and developer keys. If your organization has CPS enabled, a property called features.isCpsEnabled is set on your org. To view organization-level properties, call the Get Organization API with your Apigee account credentials.

Here's the curl version:

curl -v 'https://api.enterprise.apigee.com/v1/organizations/org_name'
  -u your_account_email_address

The response for CPS-enabled organizations will contain the following:

  "name" : "features.isCpsEnabled",
  "value" : "true"

The CPS microservices are not available in Edge for the Private Cloud.