Subscription entitlements

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Apigee Edge entitlements

Standard Enterprise Enterprise Plus

Core Entitlements

Annual Call Volume (1)

additional call volume available for purchase

180 million calls 1.2 billion calls 12 billion calls
Analytics Reports (6) 30 days 3 months 14 months
Developer Portals Included Included Included
Apigee Edge Support Includes Apigee Production Support

(Business-Critical available as add-on)

Includes Apigee Business-Critical Support

Public Cloud Entitlements

Orgs / Environments

additional Org packs available for purchase

1 org &

5 environments

2 orgs &

10 environments

4 orgs &

20 environments


additional regions available for purchase with Distributed Network pack

1 region 1 region 2 regions
Runtime SLA 99% 99.9% (2) 99.99%
Compliance (3) PCI & HIPAA compliant.

Public Cloud Additional Features

API Monitoring Included
Extensions Not Available Included for up to 30 deployments per org;

up to 45 deployments across all orgs

Hosted Targets Not Available Included for up to 20 deployments per org; up to 30 deployments across all orgs
Sense Not Available Additional annual fee, usage based
API Monetization Add-on, purchase required Add-on, purchase required Included for up to 12 billion calls annually

Hybrid Entitlements

Orgs / Environments Not Included 25 Orgs

(up to 75 environments per org)

Anthos (4) Not Included 300 vCPUs of


800 vCPUs of

Add-ons available for purchase (5)

Org Pack Each pack adds 1 Org and adds 5 Environments
Traffic Isolation Pack Enables API runtime traffic separation by Apigee

Organization or Environment; purchased per region

Additional Regions / Distributed Network Not Available Expand the API runtime to run in additional regions, simultaneously
API Monitoring Expansion Pack Not Available Increases entitlements for

alerts & collection items to 150

Hosted Targets Pack Not Available 1 additional HT deployment

[Not available for hybrid orgs]

Extensions Pack Not Available 1 additional Extensions deployment

[Not available for hybrid orgs]

Analytics Data Pack Increases Analytic Reports to 14 months Increases Analytic Reports to 14 months Not applicable (14 months included)

All offerings and add-ons are subject to Apigee product limits.

(1) A customer can use API calls in Apigee, Apigee hybrid, and Apigee Adapter for Envoy use cases. Apigee Adapter for Envoy calls follow a 3:1 ratio for the API call volume entitled.

(2) With purchase of Additional Region / Distributed Network, the SLA for the Enterprise subscription increases to 99.99%.

(3) Compliance applies to API services only. Analytics Reports, Developer Portal, and API Monetization are not in scope for compliance.

(4) Restricted for Anthos only to run/operate Apigee hybrid components listed here. Additional Anthos entitlements require an Anthos subscription.

(5) Org Pack, Traffic isolation Pack, Additional Regions / Distributed Network, and API Monitoring Expansion Pack are only available for Public Cloud. Data Retention Pack is available for both Public and Hybrid Cloud

(6) The limits on how long analytics data is made available have not been enforced on certain versions of Apigee. However, Apigee reserves the right to enforce these limits at any time. Please contact Apigee Edge Support.