Performance and availability between Edge and AWS

Following are guidelines to ensure optimal performance and availability between Edge and AWS.

Run in the same AWS zones

For better performance between Edge and your AWS services, have your AWS services run in the same availability zone as your Edge organization.

  1. Contact Apigee Support to find out which availability zone your Edge organization is running in. (See IP whitelisting for more information.)
  2. Migrate your AWS services to the availability zone your Edge organization is deployed in. For details, see

Use cache

When handling data that doesn't change frequently, use caching on Apigee Edge as appropriate. For more information, see Adding caching and persistence.

Use Edge Microgateway for internal service calls

If you are primarily using internal service calls between Edge and AWS services (such as one microservice calling another microservice), consider using Edge Microgateway instead of the standard Edge API proxy framework. See Edge Microgateway Home.

Calls from multiple geographies

If calls to your API proxies are coming from multiple geographies and you are on the Edge enterprise plan, contact Apigee Support to set up a Distributed Network (DN) to replicate your Edge deployment in the appropriate regions.