Configure Monetization in the Developer Portal

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The following sections describe how to configure monetization in the developer portal.

Enabling and configuring Monetization and Worldpay modules in the developer portal

For prepaid customers, monetization delegates to a third-party payment provider. Apigee doesn't store any payment information; only a payment transaction ID to indicate successful payment.

To enable and configure modules in the developer portal:

  1. Ensure that Monetization is enabled for your org.

  2. Log in to your Developer Portal as a user with the administrator role assigned.
  3. Select Modules in the administration menu.

  4. In the list of module categories on the left, select Dev Portal - Mint to filter the list to display Monetization-specific modules only.
  5. Enable the following modules:

    Note: The DevConnect Monetization and Apigee Company modules should already be enabled.

    • DevConnect Monetization Payment
    • DevConnect Monetization Base Recurring Payment
    • DevConnect Monetization Recurring Payment Worldpay
  6. Select Save Configuration. If you are prompted with the Some required modules must be enabled page, select Continue. Your Modules page should appear as follows:

    Monetization modules

  7. Select Store > Configuration > Payment methods in the administration menu.
  8. Verify that the Apigee Mint Recurring Payment via Corporate Gateway Worldpay payment method rule is enabled. It should display in the Enabled payment method rules area of the page. If it is not enabled, verify that you enabled the appropriates modules, as summarized in step 5.
  9. Click edit in the Operations column for the Apigee Mint Recurring Payment via Corporate Gateway Worldpay method rule.
    Edit rule
  10. In the Actions area of the page, under the Operations heading, select edit.
    Edit Enable payment method rule
  11. Update the Payment setting section:
    1. Enter the payment provider ID in the Provider ID field.
      The provider ID is derived from the name used when configuring the payment provider in Edge. For example, worldpay-myorg. For more information, see Configuring the payment provider in Edge.
    2. Enter the MAC secret key in the MAC Secret field. The MAC secret key is defined when configuring the merchant account with Worldpay. For more information, see Setting up a merchant account with Worldpay payment provider.
    3. Do not modify the default value for Worldpay Corporate gateway Signature Fields.

    For example:
    Payment settings

  12. Select Save.
  13. In the Developer Portal menu, verify that the Monetization menu item displays:

    All Developer Portal users will be able to see the Monetization menu item.

  14. Go through the first few steps to purchase a rate plan and verify that the Worldpay Payment module displays on the Review order page.

Configuring Monetization details in the developer portal

To configure Monetization details in the developer portal:

  1. Select Configuration > Dev Portal in the administration menu.
  2. On the Dev Portal page, within the Connection Configuration area, ensure that the Connection Timeout and Request Timeout values are both set to 60 (seconds).
  3. Select Save configuration.
  4. Select Configuration > Monetization settings in the administration menu. Verify that the Default Monetization Role is set to Monetization Administrator.

    Monetization for the Developer Portal includes Monetization Administrator and Finance Administrator roles, which are preconfigured to provide access to specific Monetization functionality. To view or change role-based access for any aspect of Monetization, navigate to People > Permissions in the administration menu.

  5. The default value for the cache clear interval is 600 (seconds), or 10 minutes. Change this value if you want to use a different interval.
  6. Leave all other settings unchanged for now.
  7. Select Save configuration.

Set up Monetization terms and conditions in the Developer Portal

To set up Monetization terms and conditions:

  1. Access the Apigee Edge management UI.
  2. Select Admin > Organization Profile.
  3. Select + Add Terms and Conditions. For more information, see Specify terms and conditions.
  4. The terms and conditions you set up here will be displayed in the Developer Portal on the Monetization > Settings > Terms & Conditions page. Developers must accept these terms and conditions before they can purchase a rate plan.
Note: These terms and conditions apply to use of Monetization in the Developer Portal. These terms and conditions are different from those you set up to apply to use of the Developer Portal itself.

Enabling recurring payments in the Developer Portal (optional)

To enable recurring payments for your developers:

  1. Ensure that your Worldpay account is set up to process recurring payments.
  2. Contact Apigee Support to enable recurring payments in your Developer Portal.

Need more information about Monetization in the Developer Portal? See Overview of Monetization in the Developer Portal.

Need overall information about Monetization? See Understand monetization.