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By default, the developer portal sends emails in response to certain events. For example, when a new app developer registers on the portal, the portal automatically sends an account verification email to the registered email address.

Configure the following email settings for all email notifications originating from the portal:

Configure an SMTP server

When email notifications are sent to app developers, the Apigee corporate email server is used by default. For example,

Alternatively, you can configure the SMTP server for the email notifications originating from the portal. For example,

To configure the SMTP server:

  1. Select Publish > Portals and select your portal.
  2. Select Settings in the drop-down menu in the top navigation bar.
    Alternatively, click Settings on the portal landing page.
  3. Click the SMTP tab.
  4. Configure the SMTP server settings:

    Setting Description
    Server URL Host URL of the SMTP server.
    From Email Email address used as the sender.
    SMTP Username User name for the SMTP account.
    SMTP Password Password for the SMTP account.
    Use Secure Connection? Select to use a secure connection to the SMTP server.
    Auth Type Authorization type. Valid values include: SSL, TLS, or STARTTLS. Leave this field blank for no authorization.
    Port Port number for the SMTP server. The following ports are supported:
    • 465 (SSL)
    • 587 (TLS)
    • 25 (open, no authorization)

    Note: At any time, you can reset the default Apigee settings by clicking Reset Defaults.

  5. Click Save.

Configure email notifications

Configure email notifications as part of the developer program, as described in the following sections: