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Migrate to the new version of the portal

Migrate a portal based on the original version to the new version to take advantage of the latest portal features:

  • Enhancements to the following portal front-end features:
    • SmartDocs API reference documentation
    • Theme editor enhancements
    • Default portal theme and content enhancements
    • Quick start
  • Improvements to how developer accounts are managed using the developer identity service

For more information, see Build your integrated portal.

Before you migrate

Before you begin, review the following considerations:

  • A copy of your portal is made before the migration.
  • The new default theme is applied and your custom CSS styles are overwritten. You need to apply your custom CSS styles manually after the migration.
  • If the developer identity service is enabled, the new and existing portals share the same user store. Changes to the user store will impact both portals.
  • In order to support responsive menus, top-level menu items that contain child objects will no longer be active links.

Steps to migrate

To migrate to the new version of the portal:

  1. Select Publish > Portals to view the list of portals.
  2. Click Upgrade to 2.0.
  3. Edit the name of the migrated portal in the New Portal Name field.
    This field defaults to *portal-name* Migrated.
  4. Click Migrate.

The new portal is created with your migrated content.