Overview of Monetization in the Developer Portal

Monetization features in the Developer Portal are controlled by Drupal modules. When you activate Monetization for your organization, these Monetization-specific Drupal modules are automatically added to your developer portal. You must configure these modules to enable Monetization features. For example, Monetization features in the developer portal integrate with the Worldpay payment system using a Drupal module, which enables your developers to make credit and debit card payments, set up prepaid and recurring payment plans, and set up more billing options.

To make full use of Monetization features, your developers must complete additional information in their Developer Portal user settings. For example, to subscribe to a rate plan you've set up, developers must enter their company information and accept your terms and conditions. Monetization also gives developers self-service access to billing, reports, product catalogs, and other Monetization-specific settings.

Monetization includes additional Drupal roles that give you control over access to Monetization administration and functionality in the Developer Portal. For example, we deliver the Monetization Administrator and Finance Administrator roles, which are preconfigured to provide access to specific Monetization functionality.

For details about configuring Monetization in the Developer Portal, see Configure Monetization in the Developer Portal.

For more information about Monetization as a whole, see Understand monetization.

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