Edge Microgateway videos

Watch the following videos to learn more about Edge Microgateway.

Video Description
Apigee deployment models Learn about different Apigee Edge Deployment models and where Edge Microgateway fits into the picture.
Apigee Edge vs Edge Microgateway Learn about the feature and architectural differences between the Apigee Edge and Edge Microgateway.
When to use Edge Microgateway Learn about basic use cases and when it is appropriate to use Edge Microgateway.
Edge Microgateway deployment architecture Learn about the Edge Micro deployment architecture. Also, learn how Edge Cloud and Edge Micro interact.
Installing Edge Microgateway Learn the basic installation steps for Edge Microgateway.
Configuration files Learn about Edge Micro configuration files.
Create your first API Build a simple pass-through API proxy with Edge Microgateway.
API key security Review the basics, create a simple API Proxy, and obtain a key to make secure API calls.
API security with OAuth2 Learn to secure your APIs passing through Edge Microgateway with OAuth2. Create API Products and Developer Apps in the Edge Cloud UI.
Spike arrest plugin Configure and use the spike arrest plugin for Edge Microgateway.
Quota plugin Configure and use the quota plugin for Edge Microgateway.
API Analytics and the developer portal Learn out how to leverage Edge Cloud for API Analytics and use the developer portal to get keys that let you generate an access token.