Step 5: Log a message flow variable

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In the previous step, you logged a static message that said "This is a test". A more realistic use case is logging the value of a message flow variable in an API proxy flow.

In this step, you'll log your client IP address, which is a property of the client flow variable.

To log your client IP address with your extension:

  1. In the API proxy editor, select the Develop tab.
  2. Click your extension logging policy and change the value of message:
    "message": "This is a test"
    "message": "Client IP: {client.ip}"
  3. Save the proxy.
  4. Select the Trace tab.
  5. Click Start Trace Session, and click Send.
  6. Open the GCP console and go to Logging.
  7. Select the following:
    • Global
    • example-log
    • Last Hour

    You should see a log entry with your client IP address.

  8. To delete Stackdriver log entries and start fresh, see gcloud beta logging logs delete.

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