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Note: Most user interface tasks can be performed in Edge Classic or the New Edge experience. For an overview, getting started topics, and release notes specific to the New Edge experience, see the docs.

Command-line tools for Apigee Edge

You can use command-line tools to perform many of the tasks that the Apigee Edge console UI exposes. Using these tools, you can create scripts to automate many tasks.


A Node.js module for deploying API proxies and Node.js applications to Apigee Edge.

For more information, see the following:

Topic Description
apigeetool npm reference for the module.
Deploying a standalone Node.js app Deploying Node.js applications to Apigee Edge with apigeetool. Includes command and usage examples.


Gives Node.js applications a way to access Apigee-specific functionality.

Topic Description
apigee-access npm reference for the module.
Using the apigee-access module Description and examples for using the tool.


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