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Drupal 7 and Drupal 8/9 Module Feature Comparison

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The following table outlines feature correspondence between the modules available for the Drupal 7 Developer Portal (D7P) and the Drupal 8/9 Developer Portal (D8/9P):

Drupal 7 Module Drupal 8 Module  Notes
Developer Portal - Core
Devconnect API (devconnect) Apigee Edge
DevConnect developer apps (devconnect_developer_apps) Apigee Edge
DevConnect User (devconnect_user) Apigee Edge
Developer Portal - Extensions
Dev Portal Status Report (devconnect_status) - Status checks are handled by the Update Manager in Drupal 8 or 9 Core.
Devconnect Admin notification (devconnect_admin_notify) - Set admin email notifications for new users by Configuring user account settings.
DevConnect App Attribute Management (devconnect_app_attributes) Apigee Edge
DevConnect Debug (devconnect_debug) Apigee Edge Enable the "Apigee Edge Debug" submodule.
DevConnect Key-Value Maps (devconnect_key_value_map) - Key-Value map calls to the Edge API are not part of the Drupal 8/9 Edge module. You can call the Apigee API directly or open an enhancement ticket on if needed by your organization.
DevConnect Limit API Product by Role (devconnect_apiproduct_access) - Enable the "Apigee Edge API product RBAC" submodule.
Developer Portal - Mint
Apigee Company (apigee_company) Apigee Monetization
DevConnect Monetization (devconnect_monetization) Apigee Monetization
DevConnect Monetization Base Recurring Payment (devconnect_mint_payment) - Custom code is required to configure a recurring Commerce payment provider.
DevConnect Monetization Payment (devconnect_monetization_payment) Apigee Monetization Enable the "Apigee Monetization Add Credit" submodule.
DevConnect Monetization Recurring Payment Worldpay (devconnect_mint_worldpay) - Any Drupal Commerce 2.x payment gateway may be used.
Developer Portal - Profile
Devconnect Blog (devconnect_blog) Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart The Developer Portal - Profile category of modules are used for the initial configuration of the D7P distribution. For D8/9P, the Kickstart distribution handles site configuration using Drupal configuration management. See Configuration Management for more details.
DevConnect blog content types (devconnect_blog_content_types) Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart
Devconnect Content Creation Menu (devconnect_content_creation_menu) Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart
Devconnect Context (devconnect_context) Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart
Devconnect Default Structure (devconnect_default_structure) Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart
Devconnect Homepage (devconnect_homepage) Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart
Devconnect Views (devconnect_views) Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart
Developer Portal - SmartDocs
SmartDocs (smartdocs) Apigee API Catalog
SmartDocs Attachments (smartdocs_attachment) Apigee API Catalog
SmartDocs Errors (smartdocs_error) Apigee API Catalog
SmartDocs Parameters (smartdocs_parameter) Apigee API Catalog
Apigee login (apigee_account) - Choose an SSO module compatible with Drupal 8/9.
Apigee Google Tag Manager (apigee_gtm) - Use Google Tag Manager instead.
Apigee Site Status Checklist (apigee_checklist) - Site Status monitoring included in Drupal 8 or 9 Core.
Apigee SSO UI (apigee_sso_ui) - Choose an SSO module compatible with Drupal 8/9.