Drupal 7 and Drupal 10 Module Feature Comparison

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The following table outlines feature correspondence between the modules available for the Drupal 7 Developer Portal (D7P) and the Drupal 10 Developer Portal:

Drupal 7 Module Drupal 9 Module  Notes
Developer Portal - Core
Devconnect API (devconnect) Apigee Edge
DevConnect developer apps (devconnect_developer_apps) Apigee Edge
DevConnect User (devconnect_user) Apigee Edge
Developer Portal - Extensions
Dev Portal Status Report (devconnect_status) - Status checks are handled by the Update Manager in Drupal 10 Core.
Devconnect Admin notification (devconnect_admin_notify) - Set admin email notifications for new users by Configuring user account settings.
DevConnect App Attribute Management (devconnect_app_attributes) Apigee Edge
DevConnect Debug (devconnect_debug) Apigee Edge Enable the "Apigee Edge Debug" submodule.
DevConnect Key-Value Maps (devconnect_key_value_map) - Key-Value map calls to the Edge API are not part of the Drupal 10 Edge module. You can call the Apigee API directly or open an enhancement ticket on https://github.com/apigee/apigee-client-php if needed by your organization.
DevConnect Limit API Product by Role (devconnect_apiproduct_access) - Enable the "Apigee Edge API product RBAC" submodule.
Developer Portal - Mint
Apigee Company (apigee_company) Apigee Monetization
DevConnect Monetization (devconnect_monetization) Apigee Monetization
DevConnect Monetization Base Recurring Payment (devconnect_mint_payment) - Custom code is required to configure a recurring Commerce payment provider.
DevConnect Monetization Payment (devconnect_monetization_payment) Apigee Monetization Enable the "Apigee Monetization Add Credit" submodule.
DevConnect Monetization Recurring Payment Worldpay (devconnect_mint_worldpay) - Any Drupal Commerce 2.x payment gateway may be used.
Developer Portal - Profile
Devconnect Blog (devconnect_blog) Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart The Developer Portal - Profile category of modules are used for the initial configuration of the D7P distribution. For Drupal 10, the Kickstart distribution handles site configuration using Drupal configuration management. See Configuration Management for more details.
DevConnect blog content types (devconnect_blog_content_types) Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart
Devconnect Content Creation Menu (devconnect_content_creation_menu) Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart
Devconnect Context (devconnect_context) Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart
Devconnect Default Structure (devconnect_default_structure) Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart
Devconnect Homepage (devconnect_homepage) Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart
Devconnect Views (devconnect_views) Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart
Developer Portal - SmartDocs
SmartDocs (smartdocs) Apigee API Catalog
SmartDocs Attachments (smartdocs_attachment) Apigee API Catalog
SmartDocs Errors (smartdocs_error) Apigee API Catalog
SmartDocs Parameters (smartdocs_parameter) Apigee API Catalog
Accounts.apigee.com login (apigee_account) - Choose an SSO module compatible with Drupal 10.
Apigee Google Tag Manager (apigee_gtm) - Use Google Tag Manager instead.
Apigee Site Status Checklist (apigee_checklist) - Site Status monitoring included in Drupal 10 Core.
Apigee SSO UI (apigee_sso_ui) - Choose an SSO module compatible with Drupal 10.