Mock Target API

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Apigee provides a mock target RESTful API. Use the API in your own API-building experiments.

In Edge, you could specify one of these endpoints, passing an API key for security, with HTTPTargetConnection element code such as the following:

<TargetEndpoint name="default">
      <Property name="retain.queryparams">apikey</Property>

For more about target endpoints, see Endpoint properties reference. For information about API keys, see API keys.

The following table lists the endpoints in the mock target API.

Task Method Resource
Get help GET
View personalized greeting GET
View personalized greeting GET
View API affirmation GET
View IP address GET
View XML response GET
View JSON response GET
View request headers and body GET
Send request and view request headers and body POST
View status code and message GET{code}
Validate access using basic authentication GET