Problem categories

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Use this page to navigate to playbooks for specific areas where you may encounter problems in Apigee Edge.

Problem origin Description Videos


Information and guidance on troubleshooting runtime problems. Videos


Troubleshooting commonly observed monetization problems.  


Procedures that can be followed for troubleshooting deployment errors.  

Developer Portal

Troubleshooting common issues encountered when using the developer portal.  


Procedures for troubleshooting commonly observed analytics problems.  

Edge Router

Troubleshooting problems caused by bad config files.  


Information and guidance on troubleshooting OpenLDAP problems.  

Trace Tool

Trace is a tool for troubleshooting and monitoring API proxies running on Apigee Edge.  


Information and guidance on troubleshooting common ZooKeeper problems.  

Edge Antipatterns

Avoid common pitfalls, maximize the power of your APIs.  

Diagnostic Tools

Information on useful diagnostic tools for troubleshooting.