Edge for Private Cloud shared responsibility

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Apigee Edge for Private Cloud is the on-premises offering of Apigee Edge, where customers install and manage Apigee Edge on premises on the infrastructure of their choice. Successful operation of Edge for Private Cloud requires some shared responsibilities between Apigee and Apigee customers.

In general, as an Edge for Private Cloud customer, you are responsible for installing, testing, administering, and maintaining the system. Apigee is responsible for providing you with the software and software updates, documentation, change communication, and support.

This document describes in detail how responsibility for a successful Edge for Private Cloud installation is shared between Apigee and Apigee customers.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Provision, operate, patch, secure, and maintain the necessary infrastructure (including compute, storage, networking, monitoring, and so on) in a location of your choice, compatible with the required specifications as recommended in the public Apigee documentation.
  • Review and follow the documented installation requirements before installing Edge for Private Cloud.
  • Benchmark test the on-premises installation of Edge for Private Cloud with business use cases, and size and scale the infrastructure as required.
  • Provide overall system administration of Edge for Private Cloud and the on-premises infrastructure on which it is deployed.
  • Monitor, maintain, and renew SSL certificates for your installation of Edge for Private Cloud.
  • Maintain support contracts with vendors, such as hardware vendors and Cloud providers.
  • Establish an appropriate backup strategy for Edge for Private Cloud that fits your business use cases, including configuration, data, and underlying infrastructure.
  • Configure monitoring and logging for Edge for Private Cloud and the underlying infrastructure. Enable alerts or notifications configured to capture incidents that could potentially affect the availability of the platform and take appropriate action.
  • Share environmental details with Apigee when requested for troubleshooting and support purposes.
  • Collaborate with Apigee Support and/or Engineering to isolate environmental issues that surface during a support escalation, such as issues with hardware, network configuration, or third-party software that is not part of the Apigee software stack.

Apigee Responsibilities

  • Build and distribute the required Edge for Private Cloud binaries including third-party software like Cassandra and Zookeeper for each release.
  • Provide installation, configuration, and operational documentation.
  • Provide release notes as part of each release with changes, updates, and known issues.
  • Update and keep pace with security vulnerabilities and patch known vulnerabilities for the Apigee components.
  • Provide best practices and operational guidelines.
  • Provide support for the functionality of Edge for Private Cloud, including troubleshooting and remediation.
  • Notify customers of available Edge for Private Cloud upgrades, and provide upgrade steps and patches. Note that Edge for Private Cloud only supports sequential upgrades. For example, upgrading from version 4.50 to 4.51 is supported. We do not support skipping version upgrades. For example, upgrading from version 4.50 to 4.52 is not supported.
  • Help customers troubleshoot and resolve issues related specifically to Edge for Private Cloud software. We are not responsible for resolving issues related to third-party software, but may provide limited guidance in such cases.