Infrastructure capacity management requests

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Infrastructure capacity management requests, like increasing or decreasing the number of Routers and Message Processors based on expected API traffic volume, are meant to manage the infrastructure capacity in Apigee Edge Cloud.

These requests are typically made when you anticipate an increase in the API traffic volume for a certain period of time due to events such as an upcoming holiday shopping season or planned sales promotions.

Service request description Can I do this myself? How to perform this operation?
Apigee Edge Cloud infrastructure capacity management No Follow the guidelines provided here and Raise a service request with the Support team.

Guidelines for raising an Infrastructure Capacity Management request

Before raising the request, follow these guidelines to ensure that your Apigee Edge Cloud organization will have sufficient capacity during the time period when the traffic volumes are expected to increase.

  1. Estimate the maximum traffic volume expected during the time period along with the maximum payload.
  2. Perform the stress/load testing on your API proxies with the estimated maximum volume of traffic and payload. Resolve any issues observed during the testing.
  3. Raise a service request with the following details:
    1. Details of the event with dates when the higher traffic volume is expected.
    2. The maximum traffic volume and payload size expected.
    3. References to any previous support tickets when the load/stress testing was performed.
    4. Any other details which Support needs to be aware of.