Virtual host configuration requests

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Virtual host configuration requests are meant for creating new TLS virtual hosts or performing changes on existing TLS virtual hosts. These are secure virtual hosts configured with a TLS keystore and/or truststore, depending on whether one-way or two-way TLS is used. Apigee does not create or modify non-TLS virtual hosts, including the default virtualhost on port 80. For more information, refer to Virtual Hosts FAQ.

Service request description Can I do this myself? How to perform this operation? Additional Resources
Create, update, and delete a TLS virtual host Yes Read through Configuring virtual hosts and follow the procedure to create a virtual host. Virtual Hosts Configuration Videos
Update TLS cert in the keystore referenced by virtual host Yes

Read through Update a TLS certificate and follow the procedure to update the TLS cert.

(Only for the first time, when the virtual host is updated to use the references, router restart is required. You need to Raise a service request with the Support team with appropriate details to perform the restart.)

Virtual Hosts Configuration Videos
Update a TLS virtual host with custom ciphers Yes Read through Virtual host property reference to update the cipher suites.
Enable streaming Yes Read through Streaming requests and responses to enable streaming.
Capture TLS connection and client properties in the message processor policies Yes Read through Accessing TLS connection information in an API proxy to enable capturing TLS properties.