Escalating cases

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Escalate an existing case

If you have a support case that has the appropriate priority, but is not meeting the expectations, then you can escalate the case. Escalation is a process to get higher attention for an ongoing Google Cloud Apigee Support Case.

You might escalate a support case under the following circumstances:

  • The business priority has changed and requires immediate attention on a case
  • The issue blocks developmental activities
  • Go-live dates are at risk
  • The issue is stuck without progress after exchanging several messages

How to escalate a Support Case

Use the following steps to escalate a Support Case:

  1. Visit the Apigee Support Portal Login Page.
  2. Enter your Support Portal username and password and click LOGIN.
  3. Click View Cases.
  4. To filter the list of cases, use Search or the options from the View menu.
  5. Click the specific Case Number or Subject from the list on the Cases page, that you would like to escalate.
  6. Once you're inside the specific case, click Escalate available at both the top and bottom of the case details.

  7. A new form is displayed as shown below:

  8. Ensure that you enter the following details:
    • Escalated by Name
    • Reason for Escalation
  9. Click Save.
  10. This will escalate the Case.

When a Support case is escalated, the Apigee Support team is immediately notified and will update the case accordingly. You can find out more about our escalation process document titled Support Escalation Process from Apigee Support Portal.