SAML configuration requests

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SAML configuration requests are meant for enabling SAML and creating and managing machine users on Apigee Edge Cloud.

Service request description Can I do this myself? How to perform this operation?
Enable ZoneAdmin permissions for an Apigee user account Yes Read through Add or Remove ZoneAdmin to grant/revoke zone admin permissions.
Enable SAML on an Apigee Edge Cloud organization Yes Read through Enable SAML to enable SAML for your organization.
Create machine users Yes Read through Machine users to create machine users.
Update the Edge SSO Service Provider certificate at the SAML IDP Yes Read through Update the Edge SSO Service Provider TLS certificate for the procedure.
Configure Drupal developer portal for SAML No Read through the Configure a developer portal for SAML for the procedure.
Configure SAML for Integrated developer portal Yes Read through the Configure the identity provider for the detailed steps to be followed.