Getting started with Apigee Support

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If you are an existing Apigee Edge customer with a paid Apigee support plan, you can request help from Apigee Edge Support.

The following documents explain how to access and use the Apigee Support Portal, perform common Support procedures and activities such as creating and managing cases, escalating cases, and best practices to be followed while creating cases.

Document Description
Access to Support Portal Provides information on how you can get access to Apigee Support Portal, how to add users to, and how to remove users from Apigee Support Portal.
Creating and Managing Cases Provides information on how you can create, view, and update Support Cases, and describes Case Priorities, Case Status, and other important fields.
Escalating Cases Provides information on how and when you can escalate cases.
Best practices for Google Cloud Apigee support cases Provides information on the best practices that need to be followed while creating a Support case, along with templates and sample cases.
Apigee Support Portal FAQ Some common questions and answers related to Apigee Support Portal.