Apigee service requests

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If you're an Apigee Edge Cloud user, there are situations where you may need to request assistance from Support to perform certain tasks (by raising a service request), such as enabling or disabling product features, creating or deleting organizations and environments, or configuring resources.

For other needs, organization administrators have permission to accomplish tasks on their own, such as managing organization users, and creating and managing keystores and truststores. If you're a system administrator of an Apigee Edge for Private Cloud environment, you can do just about anything that Support can do for Apigee Edge Cloud users.

This topic describes different types of service requests you can raise with Support, provides instructions on making those requests, and shows which tasks are self-service and require no intervention from Google.

Service request types

Service requests are classified into the following categories based on the type of request:

Portal user management requests

Add or remove users to/from Support Portal

Provisioning requests

Create and delete organizations and environments

Stress/Load/Penetration Test

Stress/load/penetration test requests

Infrastructure capacity management requests

Manage capacity requirements

Feature management requests

Enable/disable features at the org level

SAML configuration requests

Enable SAML, create and manage machine users

Virtual host configuration requests

Create and manage virtual hosts

Apigee subscription requests

Manage your Apigee subscriptions

How to raise a service request?


Before raising a service request, ensure you have answered the following questions:

  1. Can I address this request myself?

    Please refer to Service request types to determine whether you can address this request yourself, and follow documented instructions to fulfill the service request.

  2. Does Google address this request?

    Please refer to Service request types for the list of supported request types and also refer to the FAQ for information about frequently asked service requests. If your request cannot be self serviced, and is not mentioned as unsupported in the FAQ, you can open a service request with Support.

Raising a service request:

  1. Go to Apigee Edge Support and navigate to the File a support ticket section.
  2. Click File a ticket.
  3. Sign in to the Apigee Support Portal.
  4. Set the Case Record Type to Service Request.
  5. Select Service Request in the I need help with dropdown.
  6. Fill in the Subject and Description fields.