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Apigee Support is here to help. Learn about and access the self-service resources that will help you diagnose and resolve common problems and optimally use the Apigee platform.

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Engage with Apigee Support

Information to help you engage with Apigee Support and Apigee Community

Getting started with Apigee Support

Engage with Apigee Support, get access to the Support Portal, and create and manage Support Cases.

Best practices for Apigee Support Cases

Learn about the best practices and Support Case templates to be used while creating Support Cases.

Apigee Community

Ask questions and search for existing solutions from the Apigee Community.

Antipatterns and product limits

Information to help you avoid common mistakes and optimize performance with Apigee

Apigee antipatterns

Avoid common pitfalls and maximize the power of your APIs.

Apigee product limits

Learn about the product configuration limits for Apigee features.


Tools to help you monitor, troubleshoot and resolve runtime errors, latency and performance issues with Apigee Edge

Trace tool

Troubleshoot and resolve live issues with API proxies running on Apigee Edge.

API Monitoring

Monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve API traffic, runtime, latency, and performance issues on Apigee Edge.


Documentation and videos to help you troubleshoot and resolve problems with Apigee Edge

Apigee Edge playbooks

Apigee Adaptor for Envoy playbooks

Apigee Edge Microgateway playbooks

Troubleshoot and resolve errors and problems encountered with Apigee Edge, Apigee Adaptor for Envoy, and Apigee Edge Microgateway.


Integrated portal playbooks

Troubleshoot and resolve errors associated with the integrated portal.

Policy error playbooks

Troubleshoot and resolve deployment and runtime errors associated with policies.

Apigee configuring and troubleshooting videos

Watch short videos with demos and learn how to configure resources and troubleshoot common Apigee errors.

Configuration and Service Requests

Documentation to help you configure Apigee Edge resources and properties, and perform service requests

How-to guides

Use instructions and best practices to configure resources and properties.

Service requests catalog

Learn about the different types of service requests supported, and how to perform them yourself or seek assistance from Apigee.

More support resources

Additional resources to help you find more information about Apigee Edge, Support plans, and pricing


Explore documentation, installation guides, proxy samples, tools, and tutorials about Apigee.

Release notes

View the changelog of our latest Apigee release.

Known issues

View the list of current known issues.


Get information about the pricing for Apigee.

Apigee status

Check the status of current issues, outages, and the Apigee release schedule.

Support specs

Learn about the different support specifications and plans.