Known issues with Apigee Edge

The following sections describe the known issues with Apigee Edge. In most cases, the issues listed will be fixed in a future release.

Known issues with the integrated portal

The following sections describe the known issues with the integrated portal.

Area Known issues
  • Apigee Edge supports OpenAPI Specification 3.0 when you create specifications using the spec editor and publish APIs using SmartDocs on your portal, though a subset of features are not yet supported.

    For example, the following features from the OpenAPI Specification 3.0 are not yet supported:

    • formData parameters
    • allOf properties for combining and extending schemas
    • Remote references

    If an unsupported feature is referenced in your OpenAPI Specification, in some cases the tools will ignore the feature but still render the API reference documentation. In other cases, an unsupported feature will cause errors that prevent the successful rendering of the API reference documentation. In either case, you will need to modify your OpenAPI Specification to avoid use of the unsupported feature until it is supported in a future release.

    Note: Because the spec editor is less restrictive than SmartDocs when rendering API reference documentation, you may experience different results between the tools.

  • When using Try this API in the portal, the Accept header is set to application/json regardless of the value set for consumes in the OpenAPI Specification.
Portal admin
  • Simultaneous portal updates (such as page, theme, CSS, or script edits) by multiple users is not supported at this time.
  • If you delete an API reference documentation page from the portal, there is no way to recreate it; you'll need to delete and re-add the API product, and regenerate the API reference documentation.
  • When configuring the content security policy, it may take up to 15 minutes for changes to fully apply.
  • When customizing your portal theme, it may take up to 5 minutes for changes to fully apply.
Portal features
  • Search will be integrated into the integrated portal in a future release.
Portal migration Migration of a portal based on the original version to the new version is not currently available.