14.03.19 - Apigee Edge cloud release notes

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On Thursday, March 20, 2014, we released a new cloud version of Apigee Edge.

New features and enhancements

Following are the new features and enhancements in this release.

  • Business Transactions Dashboard
    A new Business Transactions Dashbboard lets you combine performance URI patterns on multiple APIs, giving you a view of pattern-based analytics across your API program. Choose Analytics > Business Transactions Dashboard in the Edge management UI.
  • Regenerate consumer keys in the UI
    A new Regenerate Key button on the details page of a Developer App lets you regenerate a consumer key and consumer secret for a developer. Use this feature, for example, if an existing developer key is no longer secure.
  • HTTP response caching
    Edge now provides expanded support for HTTP 1.1 response caching, including Entity Tags (ETags), Cache-Control response header directives, and caching and returning compressed responses.
    See Support for HTTP response headers.
  • New analytics report filter operators
    The following new operators are available in analytics report filters: "Like Case-Insensitive", "Not Like", "Similar To", "Not Similar To".

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Topic Description
Changing verbs in an API proxy On the details page of an API Proxy, editing a resource by changing the verb no longer overwrites the condition on a step in the API proxy XML configuration.
Node.js proxy Develop view After creating a Node.js API proxy, the Develop view is now displayed correctly.
Save button in API proxy editor After clicking Save in the API proxy editor, the Save button is disabled after the first click to prevent the mistake of clicking it again.
API proxy import and validation When you try to import an API proxy that has the same name as an existing proxy, a "Duplicate policy name" error message is now thrown, and a duplicate API proxy is not created in Edge. Also, when an API proxy bundle fails validation, no revision of the API proxy is created.
Class dependency checking on proxy import On importing API proxy bundles that contain Java classes, an error message now appears if a required class is missing.
MatchesPath operator in API proxy When using a tilde character (~) instead of MatchesPath operator in an API proxy condition to define a resource, the API proxy resource now appears on the API proxy editor Overview page.
Browser hanging on trace In the beta version of the API proxy trace tool, the browser would hang in certain organizations.
API proxy trace with permissions set API proxy trace functionality now works when a user role containing "trace" permissions is assigned to an API proxy.
API proxy trace output The Trace output in the API proxy editor no longer truncates header values separated by commas. Trace also now displays service callout URIs.
Special characters in product names Parentheses and quotes (single and double) are now supported in product names. Other special characters continue to be supported.
Company apps in the UI Company apps (which are created with the management API) are now clickable and can be deleted in the management UI.
Null pointer exception on service callouts When an API proxy performs a service callout configured with continueOnError, but the service being called isn't available, Edge no longer throws a null pointer exception.
Modified response with JavaScript policy When modifying a response status with the JavaScript policy, the status you specify in the policy is now returned.
SOAP-to-XML transformation In transforming large SOAP responses to XML, Edge now allows more than 1024 namespaces per URL, which prevents a previous error from being thrown.
Environment selector On the Environment Configuration page, the Environment selection menu is now more intuitively positioned below the Environment Configuration title.
Forgotten password email When you use the Forgot Password feature on the management UI sign-in page, you are now sent an email with a link to change your password. Previously, your password was automatically overwritten with a temporary password, and an email notification was sent.
UI issues for custom roles The management UI now correctly disables relevant features that are not available to users in custom roles. Other UI issues and errors related to custom roles have also been addressed.
Viewing developer apps If you have permission to view developer apps but not products, the details page for a developer is now displayed correctly.
"Insufficient permissions" error on custom report modification Users not in the Organization Administrator role no longer receive an "Insufficient permissions" error when modifying custom reports.
No app data on report drill-down In a custom report, when drilling down on an app to view transaction details, no data was shown.
Naming validation of exported analytics reports The management UI now validates the names of analytics reports being exported to ensure that no unsupported characters are contained in the name.
Top-performing APIs charts The Performance chart on the API Proxies page is now configured to correspond to the Top APIs chart on the Edge dashboard.
Analytics GeoMap The GeoMap in Edge analytics has been enhanced for better performance and accuracy.