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Apigee deprecations and retirements

This topic lists features that are being deprecated or have been retired.

Deprecations and retirements

The following Apigee Products, Services, and features are subject to the Apigee deprecation policy.

  • Deprecated - The feature is still in the product but will be removed at a future date. Use alternative functionality, either described here in or in the relevant documentation.
  • Retired - The feature is no longer in the product.
  • The '~' symbol means estimated.

For more information about deprecations and retirements in Edge for Private Cloud, see Apigee deprecation policy.


Cloud or Private Cloud Announcement Date Item Description Retirement Date Retired in Private Cloud version
Cloud 5/31/2019

Deprecation of sponsored hosting for Drupal portals

On the retirement date, Apigee will no longer provide sponsored hosting of Drupal-based developer portals. Customers wishing to continue using Drupal must assume their hosting responsibilities, see the Drupal 7 Transition FAQ.

5/31/2020 N/A
Cloud 1/14/2019

Deprecation of monetization variance reports

On the retirement date, Apigee will no longer support monetization variance reports on Apigee Edge.

Cloud 12/18/2018

Deprecation of Personal space

On the retirement date, Apigee will no longer support Personal space on Apigee Edge. Copy your OpenAPI Specifications from your personal space to one of your other organizations.

12/18/2019 N/A
Private Cloud 5/29/2018

Retirement of Monitoring Dashboard (Beta)

On May 29, 2018, Apigee retired support for the Monitoring Dashboard. For more information, see Monitoring Dashboard (Beta).

5/29/2018 4.18.05
Cloud 5/14/2018

Deprecation of OAuth 1.0a

On the retirement date, Apigee will no longer support OAuth 1.0a. Please migrate any OAuth 1.0a usage in your API proxies to OAuth 2.0, and extend your OAuth 2.0 usage with signature verification (for message-level integrity checks) according to your needs.

Affected OAuth 1.0a policies include the OAuth v1.0a policy, Get OAuth V1 Info policy, and Delete OAuth V1 Info policy. Edge includes corresponding OAuth 2.0 policies.

11/15/2018 ~4.19.01
Cloud 4/16/2018 For the Get a Keystore or Truststore management API, the certs and keys properties will be removed from the response in a future release. A new aliases property is now available, which contains both the keys and the certs for each alias. TBD TBD
Cloud 4/3/2018

Update TLS configuration for a virtual host API

The Update TLS configuration for a virtual host API lets Edge for the Cloud customers update the TLS configuration properties for a virtual host.

Cloud customers can now create and update a virtual host, not just modify the TLS properties of the virtual host. Therefore, this API has been deprecated. Cloud customers can now use the following APIs with virtual hosts:

Cloud 3/6/2017 Edge classic persistence framework. 5/24/2018 ~ 4.18.05
Cloud 2/15/2017 Apigee secure store (vaults) TBD TBD


Cloud or Private Cloud Announcement Date Item Description Retirement Date Retired in Private Cloud version
Cloud 4/29/2019

Apigee service broker for Pivotal Cloud Foundry EOL

Apigee service broker for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) will reach End of Life (EOL) on the retirement date shown here.

If you are currently using the service broker, you need to take the following actions before the retirement date:

  1. Uninstall the service broker tile from OpsManager.
  2. Delete any service instances that you may have created.
  3. Rewire any routes (to API proxies) that may have been created for your apps.
04/30/2020 N/A
Private Cloud 6/3/2019

Edge Installer for Pivotal Cloud Foundry EOL

The Apigee Edge Installer for PCF reached End of Life (EOL) on the retirement date shown here. For more information, see this community post.

12/31/2019 4.19.01
Cloud 10/10/2018

Deprecation of "Trireme"-based Node.js support

As of the retirement date, existing Trireme is deprecated and will be retired on the date indicated. Please migrate existing Node.js applications deployed on Apigee Edge to Hosted Targets. For assistance, see Migrating an existing Node.js proxy to a Hosted Targets proxy.

For more information, see Trireme-based Node.js End of Life.

10/10/2019 Until otherwise noted, the Trireme retirement will not affect usage of Trireme on Edge for Private Cloud installations.
Both 5/11/2018

Apigee announces the deprecation of the Apigee Edge API Backend-as-a-Service (API BaaS) feature.

The API BaaS end of life (EOL) will be June 30, 2019. Apigee will continue to operate and support API BaaS until June 30, 2019, subject to the terms of our deprecation policy. Read more in this blog post, in the Deprecation and End of Life announcement, and in Guidance for migrating from Apigee API BaaS.

Note that the API BaaS Android push notifications functionality is reliant on Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), which will reach end of life on April 11, 2019. Please be advised that we will not upgrade the Apigee API BaaS solution to use the new Google Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) system, as this would require customers to migrate to this new messaging system while also planning to migrate off Apigee API BaaS altogether before June 30, 2019.

We recommend that Android push notification customers start their planning to migrate off of Apigee API BaaS for this functionality before April 11, 2019.

6/30/2019 4.18.05
Both 10/1/2018

Retirement of monetization billing document generation

Apigee no longer supports the generation of billing documents from Apigee Edge Monetization.

The specific tasks that are retired and no longer supported for use with monetization include:

  • Adding bank accounts
  • Configuring billing documents
  • Managing billing documents
10/1/2018 4.19.01
Cloud 6/18/2018

Retirement of BaaS Eval Orgs

On June 18, 2018, BaaS Eval orgs will no longer be accessible. This is being done as part of the BaaS EOL process, which you can read more about in this blog post and in the Deprecation and End of Life announcement.

7/23/2018 N/A
Cloud 6/15/2018

Retirement of TLS 1.0 and 1.1 - Extension

Apigee will retire support for TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 in the public cloud on the following dates.

  • PCI customers: June 29, 2018
  • Non-PCI customers: July 31, 2018

For more information, see TLS 1.0 and 1.1 retirement.

November 9, 2018

Cloud 2/26/2018

Apigee Test End of Life

Apigee Test has been an Apigee labs project for some time. It provides the ability to synthetically monitor, check and notify the availability of you API endpoints. Apigee has decided to discontinue this service and will be decommissioning the Apigee Test site 45 days from the date of this notice.

Stackdriver’s black-box monitoring system, Uptime Checks, provides basic functionality of Apigee Test. Please consider utilizing its services if it works for your use cases. You can also use the in-app “Send Feedback” link to submit feature requests for your use case(s) to that Google product team.

4/12/2018 N/A
Cloud 11/21/2017 When you revoke an OAuth access token (or access tokens associated with a specific user), those actions will no longer be tracked for audit and will not appear in Audit management API calls. ~ April 2018 ~ 4.18.09
Cloud 10/30/2017

Apigee announces that it is discontinuing the use of Dedicated Instances for HIPAA compliance pack customers in AWS.

Cloud RETIRED Apigee Insights October 2017 N/A
Cloud 2/15/2017 Paths in proxy Performance tab and Business Transactions dashboard ~ 2/15/2018 ~ 4.18.05
The following retirements occurred before the Apigee deprecation policy.
Cloud RETIRED Apigee Console To-Go 12/31/2016
Cloud RETIRED API BaaS version 1 (moving to API BaaS 2) 12/19/2016
Cloud RETIRED router.uuid variable 9/7/2016
Cloud RETIRED Monetization Limits feature 10/1/2016
Cloud RETIRED API BaaS Mobile App Performance Monitoring 7/8/2016
Cloud RETIRED Monetization Setting limits and sending limit notifications 6/27/2016
Cloud RETIRED Hidden modules in Developer Portal: devconnect_content_admin, devconnect_docgen, devconnect_download, devconnect_multiorg, devportal_updates, devconnect_partner 6/22/16
Cloud RETIRED Node Export and Rubik modules in Developer Portal 4/11/2016
Cloud RETIRED Classic proxy editor 4/20/2016
Cloud RETIRED Display Suite module in Developer Portal 3/31/2016
Cloud RETIRED Edge legacy login 3/14/2016
Cloud RETIRED Various contrib modules in Developer Portal 3/7/2016
Cloud RETIRED async attribute on policy configurations 2/25/2016
Cloud RETIRED Management API: chargePerUsage attribute on updating monetization prepaid balance 1/26/2016
Cloud RETIRED Management API: Update a KVM (proxy, env, org) When org is updated to CPS
Cloud RETIRED Management API: Get Keys, Apps, Developers, or Companies for an API Product When org is updated to CPS
Cloud RETIRED Management API: List Company App Families When org is updated to CPS
Cloud RETIRED Management API: Create Developer App Family When org is updated to CPS
Private Cloud RETIRED QPID queue check API in Private Cloud 12/24/2015
Cloud RETIRED Custom Reports dashboard 10/1/2015
Cloud RETIRED X-Forwarded-For header by default 10/1/2015
Private Cloud RETIRED hash.oauth.tokens.enabled property in in Private Cloud 9/8/2015
Cloud RETIRED ProxyEndpoint properties: allow.http10, allow.http11, allow.http.method.*, allow.POST.without.content.length, allow.PUT.without.content.length 8/18/2015
Cloud RETIRED "Maximum Elements in Memory" property on environment cache resources 7/23/2015
Cloud RETIRED Aggregation Basis in Monetization 5/19/2015
Cloud RETIRED devconnect_multiorg module in Developer Portal 4/23/2015
Cloud RETIRED oauth-login-app GitHub sample 1/29/2015
Cloud RETIRED devconnect_docgen module in Developer Portal 11/13/2014
Cloud RETIRED API BaaS Assets 5/2/2014
Cloud RETIRED devconnect_apigee, devconnect_validate and devconnect_faq_ext modules in Developer Portal 1/29/2014
Cloud RETIRED WYSIWYG module in Developer Portal 7/25/2013
Cloud RETIRED API BaaS Filters
Cloud RETIRED GetAPIProduct policy