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On Friday, March 31, 2017, we released a new version of Apigee Edge for Private Cloud.

Update procedure

To update your installation, perform the following procedure on all Edge nodes:

  1. Update the Edge apigee-service utility and dependencies:

    > sudo bash /tmp/bootstrap_4.17.01.sh apigeeuser=uName apigeepassword=pWord JAVA_FIX=I

    where uName:pWord are the username and password you received from Apigee. If you omit pWord, you will be prompted to enter it.

  2. Source the apigee-service.sh file:
    > source /etc/profile.d/apigee-service.sh

    This command is not required a part of the update. It is provided as a convenience because after you run it, you can then run apigee-service commands without having to specify the entire path. For example, you can now run:
    > apigee-service edge-ui status

    Instead of:
    >/opt/apigee/apigee-service/bin/apigee-service edge-ui status

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Issue ID Description Build number

apigee-service should use "su -m" instead of "sudo -E" if the invoking user is already root