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On Tuesday, January 27, 2015, we released version of the on-premises version (OPDK) of the Apigee Developer Services portal.

If you have questions, go to Apigee Customer Support.

New features and enhancements

The following are the new features and enhancements in this release:

  • The Insufficient Prepaid Balance modal window now displays cost and tax information.
  • There is now an administrator setting to allow or not allow products that a developer cannot purchase to be displayed in the app creation form. To change this setting:

    1. Go to Configuration > Monetization Settings.
    2. Change the Application creation product display setting. By default, only products that are usable by that developer are displayed in the app creation form.
    3. Save your changes.
  • The "purchased plans" tab under monetization's "Catalogs & Plans" page now shows the purchased plans in a table sorted by status. The table can now be sorted by any column by clicking on the table header.
  • The portal now displays a warning message when purchasing a future plan if there is not currently a sufficient balance.

Bug fixes

This release also includes the following bug fixes for the OPDK:

Topic Issue ID Description
API error getting user balance shows maintenance page DEVSOL-830 When the Edge API call to get user balance does not return properly, the page will display and an error is logged. It used to show an error screen instead.
Unable to download monthly statement from Developer Portal DEVSOL-774
Billing documents now properly download from Edge server in HTML format. Postgres v9.0 introduced a new 'hex' encoding which may need to be changed in postgresql.conf to get billing documents to download properly. If billing documents do not download correctly from Dev Portal, change the bytea_output in postgresql.conf to 'escape' on the Edge Management Server:
bytea_output = 'escape' # hex, escape
Expired Rate plan is pointing to another active Rate plan in Developer portal DEVSOL-773 If a plan has ended, there is no longer a hyperlink to the plan details since that plan is no longer viewable. The proper plan tab is now displayed when clicking on the plan name in the "purchased plans" table.
Monetization Top Up form is displayed incorrectly DEVSOL-700 Monetization Top Up form now displays correctly.
Taxes column in developer balance is always 0.00 CHF DEVSOL-691 Tax rates are now properly displayed in Monetization prepaid billing page. Note you must use the "prepaid developer API" call on the portal (under Configuration > Monetization Settings).
Product list should be synced with edge when cache is flushed DEVSOL-606

When adding an API product to Edge, you can now sync the API product to the portal by clearing the portal cache. Syncing the API product makes it appear in the list of available products on the portal. Previously, the only way to perform this sync was to run the cron job.

To clear the cache:

  1. Log in to your portal as a user with admin or content creation privileges.
  2. From the Drupal menu, select the Home icon > Flush all caches.

If you want to flush caches individually, select one of the sub-menu items, such as API Products.

CHF Balance is being rounded down incorrectly DEVSOL-604 Rounding with 0.05 intervals for Swiss Francs has been removed from Monetization. For systems that use Swiss Francs (CHF), the system no longer rounds using Rounding with 0.05 intervals (Swedish rounding) but instead shows prices to 1 Rappen.
Monetization code is not fully internationalized DEVSOL-583 Monetization module strings are now fully wrapped to allow Dev Portal Monetization screens to be translated to other languages.
Unable to delete apps when monetization is enabled DEVSOL-523 Can now delete apps when monetization is enabled. Previous versions would show a empty dialog when trying to delete app.

Known issues

This release has the following known issues.

Topic Issue ID Description
Minimum top-up amount error DEVRT-1261 When a top-up amount is entered that doesn’t meet the minimum top-up amount requirement, the error message is cryptic.
Editing existing app yields fatal exception DEVSOL-992 Editing an existing app when caches have not recently been cleared yields fatal exception.