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On Monday, September 26, 2016, we released a new cloud version of Developer Services Portal.

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Bug fixed

The following bug is fixed in this release.

Issue ID Description
DEVSOL-2260 Update the entityreference and entity modules
The Entity Reference and Entity API modules were updated to the latest stable upstream release.
DEVSOL-2258 Fatal error in drush site-install related to SmartDocs and Views
A fatal error was resolved which arose when running the Drupal profile install via drush site-install due to an interaction between SmartDocs and Views.
DEVSOL-2254 Allow cURL options to be passed to the Guzzle Library
It is now possible to pass cURL options to the Guzzle client used to communicate with Edge.
DEVSOL-2252 Clearly mark Github Connect as Abandoned (deprecated)
The GitHub Connect module has now been clearly marked as "Abandoned" on the module listing page. Customers seeking login integration with GitHub should avoid using this module and instead seek an alternative solution such as the OpenID Connect GitHub module.
DEVSOL-2245 Add Drupal license back to root of Drupal7-drops
Public access to COPYRIGHT.txt and LICENSE.txt found in the Drupal root (as well as other informative text files in that directory) is now blocked on public cloud via pantheon.yml configuration.
DEVSOL-2240 Add additional hooks to Smartdocs
Additional hooks were added to the SmartDocs module to enable custom code to interact with models, revisions, resources and methods before and after they are saved or deleted.
DEVSOL-2233 Update MediaElement library for XSS fix
The MediaElement library was updated to latest upstream stable in order to eliminate an XSS vulnerability.
DEVSOL-2223 Debug logs are now formatted
When logging debug information for Edge HTTP calls, the logs are now formatted for human consumption. (Older debug logs created prior this release will remain unformatted.)