4.17.05 Edge Installer for Pivotal Cloud Foundry release notes

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On Tuesday, June 20, 2017, we released the Apigee Edge for Private Cloud Installer for Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

New Features

Addes support for Ops Manager and Elastic Runtime version 1.10.x

This release supports the 1.10.x version of Ops Manager and the Elastic Runtime.

Added new required SMTP configuration parameter to installation

You must now set the SMTPMAILFROM parameter when installing Edge. This parameter specifies the email address used when Edge sends automated emails, such as when a user requests to reset a password.

When upgrading or installing Edge, the Edge Installer for Pivotal Cloud Foundry automatically sets the SMTPMAILFROM parameter to the email address of the sys admin. You can later change that value by using the procedure described in Configuring the Edge SMTP server.


See the documentation at Edge Installer for Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Known Issues

The following table lists the know issues with this release:

Known Issues


Ops Manager does not progress past 66%.

During an install, or when applying configuration changes, the progress bar in the Ops Manager freezes at 66%.

Periodically refresh the browser until you see that the process is complete.

The Edge Monitoring Dashboard does not support different usernames.

You must use "admin" as the user name. There is no restriction on the password.

Edge supports only CentOS stemcell.

The Ubuntu stemcell is not supported.